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Boutique Hotel Is an Ideal Choice for Different TouristsLooking for best 5 star hotels, pay attention to the boutique hotel “Rauchwerger's Revenue House” that offers affordable accommodation in one of the most beautiful and biggest cities of Ukraine. Excellent for vacation with kidsWe highly recommend to the guests of the city to stay in the best 5-star hotels when they come to Ukraine. These are the best hotels for holidays, as a rule. Such accommodation can be also a good solution if you travel with kids. You should make choice in favor of good hotels even if you are frugal and love to economize, especially when you spend your vacation with children. Budget hotels are not always able to provide the most convenient lodging. Make a survey of the best hotels for children and find a marvelous boutique hotel with all conditions provided to make kids comfortable. If you are going to Odessa to have rest with your family, boutique hotel “Rauchwerger's Revenue House” is one of the best hotels for children. The city is also a good destination for the family with children. There are a lot of memorable sites, cafes, restaurants. Enjoy the beach rest with a family. Odessa is known for its warm, beautiful sea, hot sand on the beach and welcoming friendly people. Your child will love it there! The best hotel for holidaysThis is family friendly destination and the hotel was arranged with this thought in mind. Travelling with children can be challenging and those who put their kids’ happiness first deserve the praise. But this is not the only reason to choose the hotel. “Rauchwerger's Revenue House” is among the best hotels for holidays. Most guests who stay in the hotel are vacationers. It is a kind of compromise when tourists stay not far from the beach and a city center simultaneously. “Rauchwerger's Revenue House” is equally close to both destinations and present an ideal place for vacation. There are good private beaches, exciting night clubs, and best discos nearby. Most of the Odessa tours are fascinating. Enjoy the catacombs of the city, make a city tour, visit the gangster city or make a tour to the fortress with wine yards. Lovers of music can go to Odessa Opera Theatre – it is full of splendor. This is a great destination for entertainment.Going to Odessa on businessIf you go to Odessa on business, staying in best 5 star-hotels can contribute to your professional activity. The most influential people and businessmen live at such places. You will never meet all them in the economy hotel. When opportunity appears, it happens in the best 5-star hotels, as a rule, not in the cheap motels by the road.
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